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New Street, Malahide, Co. Fingal53.45212150-6.15390680Italian

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A very intimate atmosphere awaits you in this new and hidden gem in the centre of Malahide village, in a very cosy and rustic stone building. Our location is directly above the new Gilbert & Wright's Dining Room, thus making it a very hot spot for leisure, social gathering and for that special occasion.

Our cuisine is simple, yet our chefs use the freshest ingredients for all their dishes, meticulously browsing through the local markets. They are always on the cutting edge when it comes for new and exciting culinary ideas in order to enhance our guests' dining experience. While dedicated to serve the tastiest pizzas and pastas, as you would find in their native villages in Italy, our chefs also dedicate their tremendous skills to perfect grilled meat and prepare succulents chicken dishes.

What puts a real smile (that's "sorriso" in Italian) on our patrons is our chefs' deep passion for the tastiest and freshest fish our sea can provide us with.

To make you feel even more enthusiast and relaxed, our professional smiling staff will be more than happy to guide you through our extensive menu of authentic Italian appetizers, just like our "nonna" used to make.

The wine list has also been customized to pair our vast selection of sauces and our passion for authentic Italian food will guide you through the process of selecting the best bottle of wine for your dinner.

And don't forget to try our homemade desserts with a true espresso!!

Un saluto e a presto!!


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