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Unit 14, The Plaza, Swords, Co. Fingal53.45640000-6.22060000International

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What, you may ask, do superstar David Bowie, jazz legend BB Jackson, ‘70s memorabilia like vinyl record turntables and comfy seating all have in common?

The answer is they’re all found – in some shape or form – in the Gilbert & Wright Wine Bar in Swords and the Gilbert & Wright Living Room in Malahide, two of the most sought-after night spots on Dublin’s north-side!

Gilbert & Wright is a uniquely different concept on the social entertainment scene, with two locations providing relaxation in an informal yet intimate setting with a distinctly ‘70s retro vibe to them.

Whether you lived through the Seventies or simply appreciate the cultural aspects of that decade, the Gilbert & Wright offering will raise an eyebrow or two and bring a smile to your face! From older-style wooden floors and occasional shag-pile carpets to free-standing lamps with their strange-shaped shades and stacked sound speakers/woofers, this is the ‘70s re-visited in no uncertain way.

Music icons of the era – from Blondie to Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix to The Doors – feature on specially commissioned wall paintings while framed album covers and platinum record awards adorn other walls. Funky chintzy wallpaper – covered in one case with ducks flying in formation! – add to the distinctive ‘70s feel.

Mix ‘n match couches with soft seating and leopard-skin cushion covers, a manual typewriter, old dial-up telephones, an assortment of tables and chairs and other memorabilia are all reminiscent of the Seventies era.

No matter what your preference of drink, Gilbert & Wright can satisfy most tastes - complemented by casual bistro-style food - an experience enhanced by classic music of the Seventies.

To use the vernacular of the time, ‘be there or be square’!

* Take two central locations in Malahide and Swords
* Add a ‘70s retro vibe with the emphasis on music icons of that era
* Stir in cool collectibles such as ‘70s’ album covers and stacked speakers
* Mix with funky decor, shag pile carpets and mad wall paper
* Blend with comfy couches and moody lighting
* Combine with the best drinks and service


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