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21 Railway Road, Dalkey, Co. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown53.27673040-6.10317600Thai

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Our Thai greeting to all our guests. In English "sawadee" means "pleased to meet you".

The Thai House Restaurant aims to bring a flavour of real Thailand to Ireland, both in our cuisine and ambience.

I was born in Bangkok and learnt all my cooking skills from my mother - truly a great cook and a wonderful person who embodied all that is wonderful about Thailand - Land of the Smile.

To many Irish people Thai cuisine is a new and mystifying experience. There is a belief that all Thai food is very hot. This is far from true - while some foods are hot and spicy, many are simply bursting with wonderfully exotic herbs. Never hesitate to ask us about the various dishes on our menu - by doing so you can journey through a kaleidoscope of flavours.

I have been living in Ireland now for the last eight years and have noticed a great similarity between our two nations. We both love to enjoy ourselves, or as we say in Thai, "mi sanuk maa" (have lots of fun). Hopefully that is what you will have in our restaurant.

Boonma Nilrat (1965 - 2000, always our inspiration)

We held our first Food and Wine Night on 19th October 2009. It was so successful that we are planning on having another one early next year.





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