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Newtownpark Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown53.28870000-6.17510000Thai

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Sawadee -Welcome to The Blue Orchid

The Blue Orchid is truly the home to Ireland's finest, authentic, Thai cuisine. The Blue Orchid experience is not simply one of dining in one of Ireland's finest restaurants, but also an experience of utter delight where the almost mystical taste of Thai cuisine is captured in full, and then offered to the discerning diner.

Thai food is recognized as one of the world's most outstanding. Dishes that grace our tables today have been based on recipes handed down from generation to generation, with artful decoration adding to the impression of superb creativity.

The food is known to be chilli hot but well prepared traditional Thai dishes should not be predominantly so. There must always be harmony in a dish with the sharpness of the chillies and the spices in the curry being toned down by the sweetness of the coconut cream. The key to the distinctive tastes lies in the balance of spices, herbs, roots and leaves, which enhances the natural flavours, and textures of the main ingredients. Contrasting flavours, textures and colours are used to complement, but never mask each other.

Here at the Blue Orchid we offer Thai cuisine in all its subtlety, bringing some carefully chosen selection of favourite dishes, gathered from every region in the Kingdom, to bring you an exquisite and delicious Thai dining experience.

Located just outside Dublin on the south side of the city, just off the N11, The Blue Orchid is within easy reach for anyone tempted to enjoy the kind of cuisine one could previously only ever dream of.


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